Call In The Sacred Goddess That You ARE!

We co-create a transformative experience with you to express and re-awaken your inner power and your experience of sacred embodiment.

We will honor you as the goddess of your choice with an experience that will remind you of your profound divinity. During that time, we will take photos than you can have printed and display to re-ignite your connection with your higher, more awakened self.

Some Goddesses we have worked with: Tara, Lakshmi, Kali, Brigid, Durga.

Truthfully, these goddesses exist within all of us as archetypes. When we draw on that archetypal energy, we can bypass our self-sabotaging logical mind to lift ourselves and others up.

We can get as spiritual as you want with music, dance, drumming, nature, etc. Or we can quietly lean in to the essence of the goddess that you feel connected to.

We have a lending library of incredible Goddess Crowns and photoshop resources to transform your image into that of a magical being.

We look forward to co-creating an authentic experience of your divinity with you!

We can help you Appreciate and Love the Miracle that you are!

We promise that you'll Love what you see and Feel Inspired and Empowered by images of the GODDESS that you are Right Now!

You are beautiful, complicated chaotic, and perfect!

You are an Embodied Goddess

"I've done sessions with 6 other photographers, and none of them caught this essence of me like Karen did. I literally fell out of my chair when I saw my pictures!"

-Rebekah Freedom

Goddess Embodiment Session

Have a connection to a particular goddess?

Want to have an image of yourself as the goddess of wealth or the goddess of compassion to draw that energy into your field?

Schedule a phone interview to discuss how we can co-create this experience with you.

We will work with you to call in your goddess for an authentic transformative experience. Photos will be taken as a way for you to catalyze that divinity within you in the future.

Glowing Goddess Package

There is nothing that makes your divinity so obvious as a new life growing inside of you.

Let's capture this precious and sacred moment with pictures that you can show to your little one!

Glowing Goddess

This is for women who are burgeoning with a new life! There is nothing more divine than your ability to create a new life!

We will go deep with gentle embodiment exercises, ritual, and channeling. You will be able to pick out a Goddess Crown from our Crown Lending Library for your experience. Each session is entirely unique. We will co-create an experience that feels authentic and aligned for you.


  • A custom co-created Goddess Embodiment experience

  • A 1-2 hour photo session

  • Post-production Goddess photoshop treatment

  • 3 change requests on the final image

  • Two printed and mounted 11x17 images of the final goddess image

  • A watermark- free, licensed to you, high-resolution digital image of you as your goddess.

Fierce Femininity Encouraged

"I was intimidated but thought that a photoshoot would help lift my confidence after some hard times in my life.
It definitely worked!"


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