Maternity & Family Photography

We co-create a transformative experience with you to express and re-awaken your inner power and your experience of sacred embodiment.

There is nothing that makes your divinity so obvious as a new life growing inside of you.

Let's capture this precious and sacred moment with pictures that you can show to your little one!

When you are privileged enough to create a new life you are embodying the root archetype of the mother. Drawing on that archetypal energy, we can bypass your doubts and celebrate the magic that's actually happening before our eyes.

We look forward to co-creating an authentic experience of your divinity with you!

You are beautiful, complicated chaotic, and perfect!

You are an Embodied Goddess

"I've done sessions with 6 other photographers, and none of them caught this essence of me like my photographer did. I literally fell out of my chair when I saw my pictures!"

-Rebekah Freedom

Glowing Goddess

Glowing Goddess

This is for women who are burgeoning with a new life! There is nothing more divine than your ability to create a new life!


  • A custom magical photoshoot experience

  • A 1-2 hour photo session

  • Post-production photoshop treatment

  • 3 change requests on the final image

  • Two printed and mounted 11x17 images of the final images

  • A watermark- free, licensed to you, high-resolution digital image

"I was intimidated but thought that a photoshoot would help lift my confidence.
It definitely worked!"


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